New Year Cruise Party in Hawaii

When the sun goes down and it reflects its crimson light on the sea and then slowly the moon comes up. Stars twinkling in the dark sky above and beneath. Sitting there and seeing at the blue sea and tingling the taste buds with the flavour of the tropical Hawaiian cocktails. All of it sounds like a fairy tale. But in Hawaii it’s possible. The special cruise parties in Hawaii are like living the fantasy for anyone. The coasts of Hawaii are beautiful and the cruise parties make it more special. The amazing sunset followed by the starry night in a cruise, middle of the sea on New Year 2017.

What can be better than food, drinks in a cruise with beautiful lighting and the perfect person next to. This romantic thought does come true in the Island Magic Catamaran Sunset Cocktail sail. This cruise leaves from the Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. If you miss this then there is nothing to worry as an equally beautiful setup and atmosphere is offered by Matai Sunset Cocktail Sail, also from Waikiki Beach.  There are other beaches where you can the same sunset sail is done and to make it better they continue the party in packages. They from one beach to go to some other destination or may be spending days in the sea and seeing dolphins, feeling the fresh breeze and flowing and flying with it. If your plan is to spend longer time like this then Honi Olani Sunset cocktail Sail from the Kewalo basin, West Ohau Sunset cocktail sail from the beautiful Waianae Harbor or the mesmerizing North Shore Cartamara Sail from the Haleiwa Harbor. These will be some memories that every couple in love wants have so that they can cherish it for their entire life. This sunset cruises makes one realize how romantic nature is around us.

But people look for more than romance sometimes like some has the idea of romance covered in the sense of adventure. For that Hawaii has special preparation to show and offer to people. Middle of the sea, in a cruise is so perfect to give someone the chills and feeling of a pirate. Yes, this is exactly one of the things that you should do in Hawaii is to take a day’s time and spend it in the Pirate Ship Adventure Sunset Cruise which leaves from the Kewalo Basin. But one beach that has to offer a lot of adventure is Waikiki. Not only different cruises but also variety of different food menu set according to the theme of the cruise and people dressed like that just to give it a more real feeling. So real fun and adventurous cruises are Mata’I Catamara, Na Hoku ll Catamara cruises, Waikiki Rigger & Hawaii Nautical.

Hawaiian people are famous for their beaches, parties and booze. Can they ever skip to keep the theme of party hard all night with rocking music, dance floor and bar tricks. One cannot finish counting the variety of cocktails and yes it’s very easy is in the dilemma of choosing which one to sip. So great party cruises are there in Honolulu, Waikiki like the Mai Tai, the Outrigger Catamaran. Mostly it leaves the coast or the harbour around 10 pm and continues all night. Not only that Hawaiian people are also very caring and concern. They provide a pick as well as drop facility in bus which is hired by the cruise and they pick people from the said stops and drop them at their required destination. New Year can’t be better than here in the party cruises.