Chinese New Year Celebrations in Hawaii

The Chinese New Year festival in Hawaii is packed with fun and enjoyment. Apart from enjoying the highly spectacular fireworks display, those who participate in the Chinese New Year celebrations in Honolulu or other parts of Hawaii get the opportunity to explore the diverse culture and traditions of Hawaii. The Hawaiians celebrate the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival for a few weeks. Those who plan their trip to Hawaii during the period mid-January to mid-February can attend the New Year celebrations.

Since the new lunar year is born on the Chinese New Year Day, it is considered as one of the most auspicious days of the year in Hawaii. The Chinese population comes together on this day and participates in various merry making activities. However, the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hawaii are based on the Hawaiian traditions. The New Year festival in the Chinatown is traditional as well as colourful. On the occasion of CNY the entire Chinatown is magnificently decorated in red. The entrances of houses are decorated with red lamps as well as inscriptions that carry the message of good luck to all. The Chinese people believe that the red colour is very auspicious and will bring good luck and prosperity. On the New Year Day the entire Chinese population is dressed in red clothes.

Special features

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Hawaii, people exchange red envelopes containing cash as gifts. Just as in other places, in Hawaii also the Chinese New Year celebrations include the New Year parade that will feature lion and dragon dance, Kung fu, colourful lanterns and performances by musicians. During the New Year celebration the people in Hawaii get the opportunity to taste the various Chinese specialty foods. The restaurants offer a host of Chinese special dishes like Chicken spring rolls, Shrimps, pecking duck, Nian Gao, Bakwa, Nigori Sake Yuzu sauce, etc. People also take oranges on this occasion with the belief that oranges will bring good luck for the coming year. The Chinese New Year celebrations in Hawaii include parties, fireworks display, music, food, drink and merry making in the beach. During the time of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Hawaii experiences a pleasant and warm weather with an ocean temperature. This is the most ideal time in Hawaii for celebrations.

Trip to Hawaii during CNY

Chinatown is one of the most favourite tourist destinations in Hawaii. There are many world class hotels and restaurants in and around Chinatown which is a part of Honolulu. Those who plan to visit Hawaii during the Chinese New Year celebrations book in advance the hotels in Honolulu. On the occasion of New Year celebrations the hotels in Hawaii offer great discounts and special rates. The Chinese roots in the Hawaii culture is very deep and as a result in spite of a diverse ethnic population, the Chinese New Year celebration in Hawaii is grand as well as spectacular every year. The celebration becomes unique when it has the taste of the Hawaiian culture and traditions. There will be traditional fireworks display in all the islands and people view the fireworks either from the land or from the cruises.

CNY Parties

Top Ten Chinese restaurants in Honolulu and Oahu for your Chinese New Year parties:

  • Royal Kitchen
  • Legend Seafood Restaurant
  • Royal Hawaiian Panda Express
  • Mei Sum Chinese Dim Sum Restaurant
  • Mandalay Restaurant
  • Char Hung Sut Restaurant
  • Little Village Noodle House
  • P. F. Chang’s – Waikiki
  • Chinatown Express
  • Eastern Paradise Restaurant